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The significance of something can be implicit or explicit meaning it can be clear or only known with a deeper understanding of the situation.No statistical package will show you "95" or ".95" to indicate this level.

Significance signifikns, etymology: L, significare, to signify 1 in research, the statistical probability that a given finding may have occurred by chance alone.The preceding discussion recommends reading probability values in reverse (1 - p).The best approach from a statistical point of view is to repeat the study and see if you get the same results.

If this isn't practical, there are other ways of solving this problem.For example, a value of ".01" means that there is a 99 (1-.01.99) chance of it being true.

He patted his pocket significantly.Limiting the number of tests to a small group chosen before the data is collected is one way to reduce the problem.

In this table, there is probably no difference in purchases of gasoline X by people in the city center and the suburbs, because the probability.795 (i.e., there is only.5 chance that the difference is true).This article is presented in two parts.If something is statistically significant in two separate studies, it is probably true.